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Inventor of the anvil cutting principle

As inventor of the anvil cutting principle the Gebr. Schröder GmbH is manufacturer and distributor of finest quality pruning and cutting tools since 1923. The brand "Original LÖWE" is world wide famous for superb pruners in viticulture, horticulture and fruit growing. Also we are manufacturing a wide and growing range of highly roubust industrial cutters for multipurpose usage in industry and trade. Our company today is managed by the companys founder in third generation. An export ratio of more than 70% is a symbol for our global presence intention. Our aspiration is the production of superior cutting and pruning produts.


Pruners and loppers

Original LÖWE pruners for viticulture, horticulture and fruit growing are famous for their reliability since generations. The loyalty of our users is the compliment for our dedictaion to manufature and to develop products on highest quality level. „Original LÖWE¡° anvil pruners and bypass pruners are well known in foreign countries as gardening shears and loppers under the inherited brand name LOEWE Schere, Low or Lowe Schere or even as Lion shear and secateur in Rol-Cut or Rolcut style.

Made in Germany

Since foundation it is part of the company's philosophy, to develop, to manufacture and to install all parts in Germany without exception. Original LÖWE cutters and pruners - MADE IN GERMANY.

The blades of Original LÖWE Secateurs

The blades of Original LÖWE Secateurs - used for horticultural, trade and industrial purposes - are unbreakable! Even at frost! The prerequisite for unbreakable blades lies in the composition of the steel. The steel from which Original LÖWE blades are made, was developed through co-operation with a leading materials´ institute. This special steel alloy is smelted solely for Original LÖWE blades in a German high-quality steel founder.

High-quality And Durable

The stability of the blades is achieved through perfect heat treatment. The new heat-treatment plant was designed specially for the steel, which is used. The steel microstructure obtained has the highest possible toughness with a high degree of 56,0 HRC hardness. Anyone working with Original LÖWE blades need have no worries that the blades might break. Even under the freezing point the toughness persits. 

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