Anvil cutters, Mitre cutters, Slat cutters

  • 50mm length of cut
  • alternatively available with leverage

Mitre cutters for precise and clean mitre cutting in slats, profiles, plastic, rubber or wooden materials. Indispenable for floorworkers, painters cabinetmakers and many more. Alternatively available with leverage for easy cutting in harder materials. All parts are separately available and can be replaced easily. 


LÖWE 3.101

Mitre cutter as item 3.104 with stop faces at 45°, but without plastic handle covers.

L諻E 3.101

21 cm

330 g
Mitre cutter
 Spare Parts 3.101 Details

LÖWE 3.104

Mitre cutter with stop faces at 45° an marks for 15°, 30° and 90°. A must where strips and profiles of plastic, rubber or wood are cut for mitering. All parts separately available and easy to replace.

L諻E 3.104

21 cm

335 g
Mitre cutter
 Spare Parts 3.104 Details

LÖWE 3.105

Anvil cutter as item 1.105, but with 50mm length of cut.

L諻E 3.105

21 cm

320 g
Anvil cutter
 Spare Parts 3.105 Details

LÖWE 3.106

Slat cutter with stop faces at 90°.

L諻E 3.106

21 cm

230 g
Slat cutter
 Spare Parts 3.106 Details

LÖWE 3.106/50K

Slat cutter with stop faces at 90°, 50 mm length of cut. Slat cutter as item 3.106, but with plastic underlayment.


21 cm

340 g
Slat cutter
 Spare parts 3.106/50K Details

LÖWE 3.104/HÜ

Mitre cutter  as item 3.104 but with leverage for hard materials. Very easy cutting effect.

L諻E 3.104/H

21 cm

390 g
Mitre cutter
 Spare Parts 3.104/H Details

LÖWE 3.105/HÜ

Anvil cutter with leverage , 50 mm length of cut.

L諻E 3.105/H

21 cm

350 g
Anvil cutter
 Spare Parts 3.105/H Details

LÖWE 3.106/HÜ

Slat cutter as item 3.106, but with leverage, with stop faces at 90°.

L諻E 3.106/H

21 cm

400 g
Slat cutter
 Spare Parts 3.106/H Details
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